Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm Thinking of a Master Plan

I was eating my Panda Express a few hours ago and I opened my fortune cookie to see my fortune, which was a weird because i usually throw it away and go to town on that cookie. Why? You ask in your head. Because fortune cookies are there only if you're still hungry after eating your meal. Think of it as a way to make you seem more obese than you really are because I know everyone digs through that Chinese takeout bag, hoping and praying for a fortune cookie because they're still hungry. Anyways, back to my story. My fortune said "Don't look back. Always look ahead." It's weird because it made so much sense. Lately, I've been stuck on the past and frankly, with the exception of my close friends, most of it in terms of people has been a complete and utter waste. Ok. That was dramatic. Now time for the good stuff.

Anyways, as I was reading my fortune, it reminded me to lay out my plan that I had alluded to earlier in my last post. First of all, I'm pretty ambitious. I hope if everything goes right that maybe I can be in the NFL and be a business owner. Notice i said and, not or. I'm not wishing or anything like that. I'm working towards that, every waking moment of my life is spent trying to accomplish my aspirations. Anyways, I say all this to preface my plan to let you know that it's not some silly dream. I intend to make this happen. Here goes...

After I hopefully accomplish those aspirations of mine, I want to expand my influence. I don't want to sit on riches or success. I want to build on it, make it grow, and use it to influence those around me positively. In other words, I don't just want fame, I don't just want money. I don't just want power. I want it all. I want to help everyone who has helped me and I want to influence the world like no one has done before.

How do i do that? Well essentially, if I accomplish one or the other of my two aspirations, I will have a pretty good amount of money. I want to start a business. Actually, I'm already designing the business model for it. All I need is money. Anyways, after that first company does successful, I want to bring my friends along for the ride. My friends are so talented. You have no idea. I'm not just saying that. All of them have the potential to do great things. I want to take them along for the ride. Not just as free loaders either. I want to channel their skills and use it to help myself and help them become more successful. There's so much more involved and you would have to ask me about it. I wrote all of this because I hope one day, when I accomplish these things, that someone can look at these blogs and have encouragement that anything is possible. I'm not the best. I never claimed to be. However, I know that I will work as hard as I can to be the best and I will never stop working. God gave me gifts. He gave everyone gifts. I just want to maximize on mine so he can be proud of me when I get up to heaven.