Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Shower

I was sitting in church yesterday and this lady who didn't speak English very well was praying at the end of the service. That in itself is an insufferable task, but to make matters worse, she paused in the middle of the prayer for approximately 30 seconds. That doesn't seem like a long time, but when you're trying to leave, 30 seconds feels like 30 hours. I started wondering, since prayer is essentially talking to God, I wonder how he handles awkward pauses. Because I know when I encounter an awkward pause when someone is talking to me, if it's on the phone, I just lie and say I have to go. If it's in person, I just walk away. I wonder if God just walks away if we have an awkward pause. I know I would, especially because we interrupt him a lot around dinner time. That's aggravating. But, anyways, that's besides the point. I have great news.

I know this is unexpected, but everyone, I have a baby. It was just conceived two weeks ago. I see now why fathers are so in love with their babies. I really don't wanna leave my child's side. I am so in love with him. Oh yea, it's my son. I cannot be any happier. I decided to name my baby Status Quo. If you have gotten this far and you think I am talking about a literal baby, you are a freaking idiot. I'm not gonna have a kid unless I get married. But this child I am talking about is my first business that I am building from the ground up. Like I said, it's called Status Quo. There's actually a funny, yet simple story for how it got started. I'm probably lying when I say it's funny. Forgive me for sitting on a throne of lies.

Anyways, I was on Facebook chat talking to my homeboy of 13 years, Bobby Dub, and he was telling me about before he would even think about getting married, he wanted to be financially secure. Suddenly, the idea fairy put a thought in my head. Bobby Dub is an artistic genius. Not only can he draw essentially anything. He has a keen mind for what people will like to see and what ideas are truly unique. Anyways, as all these thoughts were running through my head, I suggested that he make clothes just as an offhand comment. Surprisingly, he agreed and suggested that I join him in this venture. Now, we're hard at work, hustling to make this clothing thing a success. If you want to invest and/or reserve a shirt, call me if you have the number or look me up on Facebook. I really love this company and I'm too competitive and prideful to just let it turn into nothing. Invest now while you still have a chance. Anyways, that was one of my two advertisements. Next blog, I'm gonna talk about my stepchild, Purple Spazz. Shout out to my girl Breanna and TJ. Anyways, I'm out like jerry curls. I'm out for presidents to represent me.