Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Can I Have It Like That?

What if pigs really did fly? I think I would train one and fly it around and it would probably be the new fad on Cribs. Any celebrity who had any money would have to own a flying pig, otherwise they just wouldn't be cool. Sorry, I think too randomly. Guess what? I was sitting in summer school today and our class got on the subject of the news story about that Harvard professor that was targeted unjustly by the police. Of course, our class got into a debate about race relations with the police. I was surprised because this girl, who was very rich and very white started trying to explain how she knows how black people feel because she is targeted. As soon as that statement finished leaving her mouth, the 5 black people in the class all thought the same thing,"Are you freaking serious?" I would love to know what a rich white girl gets targeted for that is equal to what an average black person gets targeted for. How absurd. See? Her statement was so stupid, I had to use a big word to explain how stupid it was. Sorry rant over. I have more cool things to tell you.

I forgot to tell you guys, I have a stepchild also. Her name is Purple Spazz. She was created by my lovely friends Breanna and TJ. They are also amazing. I'm talking mind blowing designs. Anyways, they are a clothing company as well. They started in 2005 and already have clothes designed and created, but I have since picked up handling the business side of their clothing line and want to promote them as well as help them grow. They are truly talented and I want everybody to know about them and buy their stuff because they are unique works of art.

And, just an update, Status Quo is furiously in the drawing room, literally, drawing up a design that will make it on the first shirt that we design. They should be coming out soon. So, if anybody wants to know about either Purple Spazz or Status Quo, please contact me. You will not be disappointed. Oh, by the way, don't worry, this blog has not turned into a promotional site. This was my last blog promotion. Don't ever fear, weird Jordan Smallwood will always be here. Purple rain purple rainnnnn.