Wednesday, July 29, 2009

May...I...Kick a Little Something for the G's?

Hey guess what? I was working out at my old high school the other day and I saw someone that I was cool with, but I didn't know too well. His car was passing me as I was walking up to the football field. So, I did my typical greeting, one deuce and a head nod; nothing special. This guy then proceeded to flash one of the biggest smiles on the face of this planet and point both of his fingers at me as if we were close enough to share an inside joke. To add to the lunacy of his behavior, he continued to awkwardly keep his car there and strike his ludicrous pose. Honestly, I'm laughing as I write this because it's one of those corny things you see in movies that you laugh about because it could never possibly happen in real life. Well, sorry to say, these people do exist.

Now, to get to the heart of what I want to say today, I'm extremely annoyed. Why is this? It is a cumulation of things. I'm not a celebrity by any means. I don't think too highly of myself. But, for some reason, the wrong people try to get in my business. That in itself is not bad. I don't have anything to hide. But really, you can't talk about someone so badly and then try to act like nothing happened by trying to be their friend. Another thing I wonder is why do people talk like they're doing something, yet nobody ever sees the end result? For example, I'm an avid Facebooker. I see so many people put "going to the gym" as their status. However, I'm not impressed. These people who have put that as their status religiously every night for the past few months still look the same if not less in shape than when they started "going to the gym". I am perplexed.

Am I the only person that watched every episode of Trapped in the Closet ever made? My little sister and I were watching that the other night, and I realized, has R. Kelly's character slept yet? I mean, from the moment he woke up in this saga, he has been trapped in a closet. Not to mention he has had all sorts of strange adventures. Yet, he doesn't sleep. He just changes into a new suit and does it moving. I hope my life doesn't end up like that where I wake up in a bad situation and it just gets worse for 23 days with more to be continued and I can't eat or sleep. Oh, and has anybody noticed that Djimon Hounsou, the actor from Amistad, Blood Diamonds, etc. is always saving somebody? It started with Amistad when he saved the slaves. Then he saved Russel Crowe in Gladiator. After that, he saved the clones in The Island. He wasn't done there though. He proceeded to save his family in Blood Diamonds. And managed to save an outcast boy in Never Back Down within the year. Freaking amazing. Ok, I'm done talking. Ya'll don't really know me like you think you know me.