Sunday, August 30, 2009

Temporary Setback

What's gooooood? I have not been in the blogging game for some time. To be honest world, I was in the dumps. I had a little week long depression. But, I'm out and it feels so great. I was just wondering, did they ever find out who ended up letting the dogs out? Those guys seemed pretty mad that someone let them out and I was wondering if the investigation was continuing or if they gave up searching.
Blog world, I have a new love, and it is shoes. I have no idea why. The spirit of vanity has taken over my body and I do not want to be exorcised. I really love Nike Airs and I'm going to make a prediction for the next thing people are going to be hype over and it is Nike Supra shoes.

Go ahead, drool because it is just that amazing. I would love to stay and talk some more, but I got stuff to do. Just call me crazy.