Monday, August 31, 2009

Probably One of the Best Alternative Black Movies

Blog world, what happened to Lil' Jon? We need to find this man. I don't really like most of his music, but who else is going to tell us to get our hands up in the air? Who else is going to give people in the club directions on what drink to put in their cups? More importantly, since Lil Jon's absence, nobody is getting buck before an artist comes out during a concert. He once told me "Crunk ain't dead." Well, right now it's in critical condition. Someone, please find Lil' Jon.
People, I have to let you know, when I saw this movie around a year ago, I was impressed. The animation was crisp. The voice work was very clean. Not to mention, the story and cinematic detail were impeccable. Anyways, I'm talking about Afro Samurai.

It's an anime movie. However, it is anime with a black twist and I wish they made more shows and movies like this because I feel the anime market needs more diversity, just like any art medium does in order to keep getting better. Not to mention, the RZA had a major hand in creating it. Get at it.