Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Don't You Ever Get Too Comfortable

Guess what world? My new G Shock came in the mail today!!

Anyways, how was everyone's Labor Day weekend? Oh, really? Well guess what, I don't even care. Joke's on you clown. So, I was sitting in the cafeteria today and this big girl walked by. Let me preface my story by saying that I have nothing against big girls and they are actually beautiful. However, this one was not. She was wearing the tightest shirt and her belly was hanging out. How atrocious. It got me thinking, what if I wear, do, or say certain things and I think I'm all that, but everyone is just laughing at me behind my back? That would be pretty sad.

Have you ever thought your luck was coming up only to have one part crash down? Yikes. I'm not going to front. I am very sad. See how I put it so simple, almost child-like? That was cool. Ok world, I need to stop getting sentimental right now. It is not a good look. The all points bulletin is still out. Lil' Jon, please return. I need to get hype.