Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chou Large

It's raining. Bear with me because I am bored and in another long psychology class with people trying to be deep. Anyways, I found a shirt last week that I'm coveting. Don't steal my idea:

It's classy, yet says, "I'm ready to party". Anyways, I ran into someone who was trying to throw up gang signs after a party. This is all good and well, but this person was throwing up some Ohio gang and I was very confused. First of all, where was the rest of his gang? Were they hiding in the bushes? Were they back at the gang headquarters? It's safe to say that they were probably back in Ohio. This was the first stupid thing. Who throws up their set with no backup nearby? The next thought that came to my head was that we're at Howard University. This guy wasn't poor and wasn't interested enough in sports or music to come here on a sports or music scholarship. He was just a regular guy. Follow my logic. This means he had to get to school the regular way-studying hard and getting A's on everything. He had no time to be banging for his crew. So, I want to make a statement, It's impossible to be a thug in college!!!!! People who are thugs for real would never represent out of state. Plus, most people in college are geeks. You can't step on to campus and suddenly be hard. It's impossible. Of course there are those people who live near campus so they get a thug pass but people coming from completely different states trying to thug are absolute idiots. Point blank period.

O.k. I'm about to leave class. What did happen to that boy?

Stay Out My Business

Good morning. I have a bone to pick right before I go to class. First of all, Plies' song "Plenty Money" is pretty catchy, but I am thoroughly perplexed because why is the song about having lots of money, yet the people with the least amount of money sing it? Huh? What? Yes. I decided that if you don't have money like that, which most people don't, please refrain from singing that song with such gusto. Maybe in the privacy of your home. But, everywhere else, i.e. the club, school, work, and any public place, please stop. Because at the end of the day, you don't have plenty money, you have mini money.

And another thing, why is everyone on the east coast a fan of Gucci Mane?! I'm fine if you enjoy his music. But people treat him like he is the next greatest thing. I can't hate because I'm not a rapper. He has some little measure of talent. However, compared to the greats, he has none. Sorry Gucci. Maybe next time. Every club in D.C. loves this man and stay blasting his music every other song, literally. How silly. I mean look at him:

Oh and before I go, my roommate hooked it up with the song of the day. T. Pain's "Every Girl remix" is great.