Friday, September 11, 2009

Leave a Mark That Can't Erase Neither Space or Time

Ok, on my end it is raining cats and dogs outside. I'm kind of gloomy. By the way, who came up with that term "raining cats and dogs"? I'm going to take this to the max, what if it was actually raining cats and dogs? Ok, anybody who has a Michael Vick joke can stop now. They're all old. Be easy. If it was raining cats and dogs, what would we do? Would that even be safe? Could I go to school? For dogs that wanted a mate, would it be the equivalent of "It's Raining Men" coming to life? Would the sky be the unknown perpetrator that had let the dogs out under our very noses?

Sorry. That was extremely random. I'm looking outside and now that it's raining solidly for the first time this year, I'm going to get really introspective on this post. For anyone who didn't know, I'm writing a book on my life and it won't be finished until I hit a significant milestone in my adult life. Anyways, as I've been going through my life, I honestly see my life as a movie, complete with soundtrack. It's weird, but hey, I'm a weird guy. So obviously, if my life were to be made into an actual movie, this stage of my life would obviously be a major chapter, so to speak, in my movie. I'm starting a new phase of my life, I'm a freshman, I'm meeting new people, and my whole environment and routine is changing. I can't help but think that this part of my life would be the equivalent to the part in the middle of the movie where the person goes through their greatest hardship, only to prevail in the end. What if this part is my hardship?

To be honest, this year has not been my year. Of course it's been happy, but for the most part, it has been rough. I've still been working towards my accomplishments and gotten closer to my dreams. However, it's been going not only slower than I thought, but also it hasn't been to the degree I wanted it to be. I'm not afraid to say I've experienced my greatest heartbreaks this year both with my dreams and with those words that start with a "G". I'm also at that crossroads where decisions I make or don't make will determine not just that one situation, but also my future. Oh boy, that was heavy stuff right? Sorry. But seriously, at the same time I also realize that during those movies and in reality, when those hard times come, the person who gets what they want in the end works at it. I mean, they train harder, study harder, think harder. Heck, they even love harder. I know Jay-Z's album just came out, but on his song "Young Forever", before he says this line that is so profound, "May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows." Sad music is playing in the background so obviously complete idiots would even say, "oh man, that's so deep." But, why is it deep?

I've been thinking about that line all day today and I realized something. When we're striving towards our dreams, the road gets really rough. I mean, it gets to a point where you wonder why God even bothered creating you because you feel so disconnected from everything in your life and everything you've been trying to do. Blog community, I'm not gonna try to lie. I feel this way. I feel so out of sync with everything in my life, that when I get up all the harsh realities punch me in the face. I know a lot of people out there feel this way too. Instead of trying to gain sympathy for your hardships and hoping something will magically come, it's not going to happen. People always talk about working hard to get what they want, but most people are only in love with the idea. When the first hardship comes, 90% of people just give up or settle for less. Don't do that! Even in the movies, when someone hits bottom, they scrape and scratch their way back to the top. I decided I'm going to do that. I won't ask for sympathy. I'm going to ask God for help and I'm going to work harder than anyone on this planet to get to where I need to be. Some things you can't force. I'm learning that now. Some things, only God and time can help. For those things, please believe I'm praying like my life depends on it. Hopefully it works out. Ok, got that out of the system. We're going to have some fun next time. Sorry for bothering people with this post. Hopefully, it helped at least one person.

No I'm Not a Jonas. Brother, I'm a Grownup

Happy Friday! Why is it happy? Well, the Blueprint 3 is OFFICIALLY out.

I don't deal with bootleg when it comes to the greats. Show some respect. My goodness. But anyways, I have to do a shout out/advertisement. Purple Spazz Clothing is back in it. If you're in D.C. all you have to do is find me. Oh so easy. On the California end, just find it. Yes I'm being difficult. Sorry Charlie.

So, I have a funny story for everyone. Story time? Yes, it is story time. How nice of me, right? Right. Anyways, two nights ago was rough for me. I was up until 5 in the morning thinking about my life and worrying about the future. Notice the dramatic prelude I just gave you before I even started my story. But, anyways, I woke up at 6 yesterday. Yes, do some math. I got an hour of sleep. When I woke up, I went running as part of my training.  Then, I did all of my classes. Right after that I had an intense lifting session. Following that, I got a shower and got ready for a seminar for my business school. You can already tell where this is going. It was a mandatory seminar and everyone in the business school had to attend. So there were about 100 people in the first session. I was paying attention at first. I was really into it. Then the spirit of sleep possessed my body. I was fighting it really well, but then his cousin, the spirit of head bobbing paid a visit. Now I'm fighting two ghosts as I try to stay awake and pay attention. The spirit of sleep got the last laugh. One second, I think I'm blinking off sleep. The next thing I know, I'm hearing my name called repeatedly, and when I open my eyes, I see every head in the auditorium turned around staring at me and the presenter is putting me on blast. But, I take it like a champ. She tried to ask me a question to get me caught up. I answered it. Yes, I got it like that and that lady can kick rocks for trying to embarrass me. What an experience. The end. Well, it's time for spanish class. I put on for my city.