Friday, September 18, 2009

I Want You to Hold Me, Console Me

Thank God it's Friday. What a stupid phrase. Why can't we thank God for Saturday or Sunday or any of the other days? Why not T.G.I.M.N.F. which means thank God it's monday night football? These are all things I thank God for. Anyways, I'm convinced that Kanye West is the coolest, most original guy on the planet. Oh no. I started some controversy. But seriously, a lot of the stuff Kanye says, though unpolished, is what a lot of people are thinking inside their mind. Plus, you cannot doubt his musical ingenuity.

Speaking of geniuses, I want to spotlight a pioneer that many have seen, but do not even know. Guillermo del Toro is the creative genius that designed creatures for various films. If there's a film that has creative monsters or creatures, he created it. However, he is best known in America for being the creator of the "Hellboy" film franchise. However, his best work was his Spanish film, "Pan's Labyrinth"

This film has to be one of the most visually stunning film's in film history. However, it is also a complete film. The story is very intriguing. The music is epic and is very appropriate for the film. And, the characters are very realistically designed and even though they are supposed to be strange and frightening, they are also beautiful in the most absurd way. Exactly, it's a contradiction. Just watch it. That's all I can say. Ok, I'll write more later. Judo chop!!