Monday, September 21, 2009

Honey, I'm Nuts Like Cheerio's

I'm in psychology again, the source of all of my blogs. I have no idea why this happens. It just does. I was wondering, what happened to Samurai Jack?

That was such an underrated show. I wish it would come back and finish the story. I still am wondering if Jack ever goes back in time to change the past. Oh well.

I have a gripe about people. I mean everyone, including myself. I realized breakups are completely useless. Of course there the exceptions where there is any form of abuse occurring. But, my gripe is about people breaking up just to see other people. I don't understand. People can be "so in love" for years at a time and suddenly "need to see other people". It makes no sense. First of all, love is unconditional so no matter how good or how nice a person is, if someone is in love, they don't need anybody else. That's Biblical. Look it up. But, I'm going to pretend like seeing other people is feasible and go along with the logic so I can show everyone how dumb it is. By the way, this is not anything about anybody. The idea popped into my head a few months ago when I was eating Subway. Anyways, people will break up with their significant other for someone who "understands" them. Then they will leave that person for someone who is their "soulmate". What I'm trying to get at is that no matter what, the grass always looks greener on the other side. There's no one who's perfect. And, if there is someone who is perfect, they will get left for someone who is "more complex". In other words, humans as a whole get on everybody's nerves. It doesn't matter who that person is, they will always get on that person's nerves. Therefore I have a revolutionary theory-the people who find "true love" did not just find the right person for them. They simply found the person who annoys them the least. That sounds very cynical, but think about it. It's so true. Now, let me see you get your hands up.