Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Don't Care

Yo. Who says "yo" anymore? I'll tell you who, people overseas who try so hard to be "American". "Oh no, it sounds like Jordan has a story." Why yes, I do have a good story. So, I just started getting into this Skype thing (jordanrunsit). Also, I think Skype is a joke. IChat is better. But alas, everyone uses it for some reason. Ok, lets get back to my story. So, on Skype, as many people know, there is a find feature. In other words, people can start chatting with you randomly without being on your contact list. So, I was on my computer the other day just taking it easy when a message pops up. It's some guy from Germany and he addresses me as such, "Yo, what's up homie?" Yes, all kinds of wrong. He continues on to list hip-hop legends such as 50 Cent, Akon, as well as Sean Paul. How silly. Sorry, that was my brain vomit for the day. I'll write something more substantial later.