Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rock With Me Tonight for Old Time's Sake

So, a few years ago, I had this dream that I was running from something and I fell off a cliff. In the dream I was watching this happen to myself. As I watched myself fall off the cliff, I thought that was the end of me. However, a second later, I saw myself rise in a hot air balloon. My hot air balloon traveled for awhile and then it popped. However, as I fell, I landed in a car that was fashioned like a blue Crayola car. After that, the dream ended. There's no deep meaning to what I just told you. I just wanted to write about it because it made no sense. You know what does make sense? I don't know.

Has anyone seen the Gatorade "What's G?" commercial? It's epic.

Every time I see that commercial, I get excited. Not because Lil' Wayne is in it. Not because it is full of sports heroes. Honestly, it's because I see my own potential in it. I don't feel that way because I think I'm better than everyone else. It's not my place to even judge. I just know I will work my way up to where I will be legendary in something. People think being the best is all about superficiality. It's not. It's being great inside and out. The rapper Smitty puts it best when he says, "a mouth full of gold don't make you no g."

Yes, today is my day of jumping around between different subjects. This weekend gave me my highest highs and my lowest lows. And, I am freaking confused to be quite honest. One thing I did realize is that I am a very particular person. When I like something, I stick with it, I'm scared of death, I hate failing or messing up at all, I always want to be perfect, I'm loyal, and I am overly cerebral. It's weird, but I want to at least be honest with myself because if I wasn't honest with myself or anyone for that matter, what would be the point of even speaking, especially as much as I do? Ok, I'm done.