Friday, October 9, 2009

Stumblin' Up That Stairway to Heaven

Pow! I was wondering, what would it be like if I had my own soundtrack to life? That would be kind of cool. I got this idea while I was walking with my friend to my psychology class. We were walking in unison. We looked fresh. Those things combined made for probably the best combo to add a theme song to. I chose the "Kill Bill" theme song. Go ahead, be jealous of my soundtrack. I was reading the paper today and I was extremely surprised. Barack Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize. I'm not condemning Barack Obama in any way. I don't dislike him or his methods. However, I kind of have a problem with how he won the award and nothing has been accomplished in his presidency yet. Actually, I take that back; nothing substantial. However, I want to hire whomever drives the Barack Obama hype machine. Maybe they'll make me king of the world.

Guys, I realized what I'm missing in my life, a good dose of Dave Chappelle. Why did God let him go to Africa and leave me with this void in my life? What am I supposed to laugh at, Dane Cook? How atrocious. I have a bone to pick today. Why does everyone want to be a thug in college? I touched on this point a while back, but I realized yesterday that a lot of people are sensitive thugs. I now understand why Jay-Z said, "sensitive thugs, ya'll all need hugs." I guess these days, I'm starting to see thugs being thugs over the wrong thing. I'm not condoning thuggery in any way, shape, or form. However, I believe that whatever you choose to be, be the best and most authentic that you can be. For thugs, that means no fake fights, no talking trash online, and no fighting because someone hurt your feelings. What is that? Thugs out here are getting their feelings hurt too much. Boo hoo, cry me a river. I'm honest with myself, I'm no thug. Therefore, I can't do thuggish things. Oh well. I guess I missed out. But I'd rather not be a thug than a sensitive thug.

For my west coast people, I miss Jamba Juice:

Yea, I dare anyone to find a smoothie place that beats it. Oh and by the way, it was started in Northern California. Get some. It's big boy music, it should make you wanna grow up.