Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shade Doesn't Matter. Heart Makes the Lover

Good morning America. Did anyone notice how when couples talk, when one is telling a story, they get mad at their significant other because they believe "they are not listening"? In all honesty, I believe people listen. But, after awhile, we're not going to have the shocked, highly dramatized expression for every story, especially women's stories. Because, no offense, but you guys have a lot of stories, and you're not a modern day Ronald Dahl. Therefore, your stories aren't going to catch my interests every time. It's not your fault. My stories probably sound like a five year old children's stories. There we go, lets just accept that we're not that interesting.

I'm convinced Tyler Perry is the hardest working man in Hollywood:

To make it into Hollywood, he made too many plays to count. Once in Hollywood, he's been on pace for making about 1.5 movies a year. Did I mention he is also a television producer and a studio owner? Oh, and he acts in most of his work; quite amicably in fact. Well, I'm running away now. Try to catch me.