Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Started Seeing Sounds

I'm not really a fan of poetry, but one poet who never bores me and never puts me to sleep is Shel Silverstein:

He's one of the few people who is abstract, yet in an artistic way. People don't take him seriously, but I am an avid fan. Read all of his poetry. You won't be disappointed.

Simply Beautiful

In appreciation of the art in my life, I want to showcase Quentin Blake. He designed the covers for Roald Dahl's books, which includes Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

His drawings are so simple, yet so profound. I believe everyone should check out his art. People should also read Roald Dahl's books. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a classic. The BFG is good. Witches is good. All of his books are good. I will make sure my kids read it.

Need a Clear Mind Cuz' I've Been Blind

I have a question. Is Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” the anthem for all New Yorkers everywhere? Most of the people I know from New York already believe it should be its own country. I don't need them having a national anthem too. After all, California is the best state in the nation. I'm going to stop. Anyways, I’ve been getting into art lately so here’s another work, this time, by Brian Hitch:

Comic books aren't typically regarded as fine art. However, there is a trend going on now that has people hanging comic book frames up like mosaics. In all honesty, comic book artists are true artists. Their work has fine detail and they have to do it every frame. On top of all that, they don't have time to go "find their artistic muse". They have to produce every week or month or however they do it. Forget about rims. I'm buying art when I get rich.

Have you ever said goodbye to someone, only to end up walking next to them? This might be the epitome of awkward situations. It's one of those situations you can't avoid. All you can do is pretend to text or walk faster, either of which makes you look like a complete and utter idiot. Someone should do a stand up routine about that and give me credit. Well, I gotta go. Beam me up.