Thursday, December 10, 2009

It Come Out Sweet Like Old Sadie

Remember those slow jams that came out in the 90's that were so smooth that all you could do was snap and wish you could sing? I know, I can't really relate since I was about 3. But still...thank God for ITunes and Youtube. Now, I can relate. I know everyone knows that song by Zapp and Roger, "I Wanna Be Your Man."

Who doesn't love slow jams with a hint of jerry curl and "good old fashioned lovin'"? Ask your parents. It's grown folks music. I need to stop playing around.

We Hit the Mall and Ball All Day

I might have found the most obnoxious song in the world. But, "Wassup" by Rich Kids is so catchy, that I can't help but sing it everywhere.

As you can see, they are about 14 years old. I'm just being bitter. I wish I could find a phrase to repeat a million times and make it a song and dance. Everyone is doing it and I want some of that money. If anyone has some ideas, let me know.

If I Fall, If I Die

It's been awhile. I'm sorry everyone. I was too busy, but I think it's paid off. Does anyone remember PaRappa the Rapper?
Yes, PaRappa came before Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and DJ Hero. This game inspired all of these games. Leave it to Sony Playstation to come up with a rapping dog that does karate, gets his driver's license, and performs at a rap concert all in an effort to get a girl. Those were the days.