Friday, December 25, 2009

Flow Is Like Crazy Gone Mad

So this week, my aunt on my dad's side and her husband and my cousin came down to visit for the holidays. It's great seeing my dad and his siblings together. It's not because I get warm feelings inside. It's great because it's one of the few times my dad gets put on blast and he doesn't do anything about it because he's the youngest. It's absolute comedy. It gets rough though when my over-competitive mom pulls out the one game that makes me not want to be her son:

Scrabble is otherwise a fun game. However, my mom talks to much "you know what". Therefore, I will never play family scrabble.

Reppin' to My Last Second Dude

Christmas was pretty cool. I didn't expect anything and I thought I would be disappointed, but I made out better than most people. I don't understand why as soon as you turn 18, but you're not quite grown yet, you get things like these for Christmas:

I'm cool with that, but I honestly think once people turn 18, older adults assume that we transform into these boring people that only like to wear sweater vests and khaki's. I am not the one.

Merry Christmas

Hey everyone, there's still time to get me some last minute gifts! feel free to consult it whenever you want, even after the holidays. Ok, I need to stop. Oh, and for anyone who doesn't know, I have culinary skills. Here is this year's Christmas turkey:
Yes, my skills are like that. I didn't take a picture of this year's turkey. This one is from Thanksgiving, but they look the same. If you need a turkey grilled, let me know. Merry Christmas. If hilarity ensues, please believe the blog world will be updated.