Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder

How many different people actually read my blog? I wanted to thank everyone who reads my blog so far. For my loyal readers, tell your friends about me. I could always use suggestions and new readers. Let's get syndicated. Anyways, I found my only true weakness in the world (don't tell my super villain adversaries). And it is birthday cake ice cream made by Edy's:

I don't love many things in life, but this has to make the top 5. Maybe I'll make a list of these things. Eh, who would really care? I ain't thought of no line that could rhyme with that.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Get My Grown Man On

I'm thinking I might have to step up my game and get a smart phone:

I can't handle business if I can't access my stuff. I might just have to do it man.

Till' You Break a Leg

Byobent is so funny:

More cheese than, eh, darito's. Oops, I mean dorito's. Classicccc

We Presidential

I don't know about you, but Pharrell might have the best crossover appeal. He's got President Clinton wanting BAPES:

That's wiiiiiild

Hidden Gem

Where did this come from?

I'm just sayin', I'm just sayin'

So Good I Can Taste It

I have a new favorite show:

Man v. Food is an amazing show. You pretty much get to see great food while watching the host take part in crazy food challenges.

Friday, April 23, 2010

That's Right

Smartest pick of the draft:

Ryan Matthews, selected by the Chargers. He's probably going to have the biggest immediate impact in attempting to fill the void left by eventual Hall of Fame inductee, LaDainian Tomlinson.

Come On, Son

Who would I be if I didn't have draft commentary:

I don't understand the taking of Tebow in the first round by a team that doesn't have any traditional quarterbacks to begin with and why he was taken in the first round when he could've been taken in the second round for a significantly cheaper price tag. Come on, son.

Upgrade You

I need to upgrade my travel game:
J.Fold Trooper Bag
The J. Fold Trooper bag was designed to replace using gym bags for travel. I need to get my grown man swag on. And I love it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

This Right Here Is My Swag

This is how I feel sometimes when I'm fully in my element minus the guitar:

If I could describe the colors, you might die and go to heaven.

I Was Like, Good Gracious

Good evening BAPE:

Copy written so don't copy me.

Cause I'm Here to Save You, Girl

Finally it has arrived:

The Freaknik soundtrack is amazing. Or is it T-Pain? Or is it both? We may never find out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'll Choose....T-Pain!

Why is T-Pain so eccentric, yet so cool:

I'm a fan.

Just Like a Movie

Yes, Wiz Khalifa's Kush and Orange Juice hit the fan 24 hours ago:

It's good listening music. Nobody is going to get "turnt up" as the young people like to say.

We Must Protect This House

For someone like me who is sore every day:
Under Armour Recharge Energy Suit
The Under Armour Recharge Energy Suit will get you right. And protect you from the sun. ayyyyyyy

Pretty Colors

Another house item:
16 Million Color Lamp
16 million colors in a lamp at my disposal. Please and thank you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm Just Saying...

Is it not cool that Tiger took about four months off and yet still was in the Top 5 at the Masters? I feel like the Phil Mickelson win was a setup:
Phil Mickelson
One point for Tiger haters.


This commercial kills me every time:

Sometimes I wish I could be Terry Crews.


Goodbye Texas Stadium:

Thanks for the memories.

Go DJ, That's My DJ

I want to just have these around for a cookout:
Hercules DJ Console Mk4
The Hercules DJ console is legit.