Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Supposed to Be In Class, But I Ain't Goin'

I think Mac Miller is on the come up:

Once he can transcend rapping about the munchies and smoking weed, I think he'll be good. His wordplay is nice. Don't sleep on him just because he's a white rapper.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Was Too Busy Rappin', Good As Hell

Kanye West has done it again. He has reinvented the music video. People thought the "Thriller" video would be the last major innovation in music video creation, but Kanye topped it:

This is the most epic music video of our generation. Who can top that? I have never watched a video made in my lifetime that visually striking, beautiful, entertaining, and majestic. Yes, it's that deep. The best part is that it gives us insight into how great his new album is going to be. If he doesn't win an award for this one, he can rush the stage, take the mic, have a meltdown, and blow up the awards ceremony because I don't know what's better than this.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

No Homo But...

I really need a bag. Not in the sense of a purse. I need a high end travel bag that doesn't look like I just got out of practice. I hear Louis Vuitton is the move:

I like stuff like this. It's a good bag for a business trip or a weekend stay. I don't splurge much, but I would really like to have this. EarlyChristmasgiftfrommybloggers? Awwww thanks.

Gettin' Up

Since I've been living in the east coast, my mind has broken free of that California mindset and seen that snow is pretty to look at, and hell to live life with. Thank God for this. I found it on

Meyer Home Plow
This is the Meyer Home Plow. Yes, instead of shoveling a stupid driveway, you can plow it. Oh yeaaaa!!!

Welcome Back

I'm sorry blogosphere. I've been incognito. Life runs up on you fast. But anyways, I thought they were a one time thing, but Child Rebel Soldier is gaining momentum I guess:

Yes, this is possibly the most super of super groups. It has the two best producers of our generation in Pharrell and Kanye and three of the top five rappers in the game when they add Lupe Fiasco. Thank you God.