Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Miss You

First of all, shoutout to my muse, Alex Freeman. Please come back with your illustrious blog. I miss The site isn't even there anymore. Tartar sauce. In memory of the cool things on her blog, check out this iTable:
Yes, these are tables shaped like iPods. I want one.

They Lookin' for a Hero

Yes, our friend, Young Jeezy comes out with "The Takeover" mixtape on Saturday:


This Is Most Delightful

Lil' Jon is coming out with his new album "Crunk Rock" this year. I really did not think Lil' Jon would come back. I thought my early blog was a plea on deaf ears:

Crunk ain't dead.

The Verdict Is Out

I'm not sure how much I like Richard Branson's Virgin America underwater plane:
Richard Bransons Underwater Plane
I don't trust going underwater in a super heavy vehicle. If it fails underwater, you're done, son. Don't get me wrong, that's probably one of the most gangsta things you can do with your money. I'd love to stunt on people and tell them that while they're sitting in coach going to Montana, I flew to Jamaica and did part of the trip underwater. Come on, don't act like you're too good to like saying that ever in your life.

You Break My Heart, But I'll Be There Beside You

I have another artist that catches my attention:
Cellar-Fep is a Japanese artist, who at first glance, seems to capture a vintage feel in his art, while at the same time having his own unique style. This is the closest to my personal art tastes that I've seen. Get at it.

In This Crazy World

Good afternoon. I am really feeling Jeezy music right now. I have no idea why. Oh, and this Facebook fad of posting pictures of celebrities that you THINK you look like has got to stop. Notice I put emphasis on the word "think". For example, sweetheart, you do not look like D. Woods. You never will. You look more like Flavor Flav. It's ok, better luck next time. Anyways, in my search for home items, I came across probably one of the greatest inventions this decade:
PermaFlow Never-Clog Drain
The PermaFlow never-clog drain has a name that speaks for itself. How many people have that cheap plumbing? Don't lie, most people do. Anyways, it lets you crank that clog out of your sink. Hint, for all those girls who get their weave particles in the sink and clog it, this is a must have. Let the people say "amen".