Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm In My Own World, Way Up In the Clouds

I found some more art that I fancy:
"Modern Jazz Step" Print
Today's piece is "Modern Jazz Step" by David Garibaldi. Enjoy.

I'm Your Physician. I'm Your Addiction

I'm almost done with this book:

I know, you guys are perplexed. Why is this random white man in a book and why is Jordan reading it? Well, Ted Turner is one of the most prolific businessmen of our time. This man started TBS, is a world champion sailor, owned the Atlanta Braves when they won the World Series, started Cartoon Network, among numerous other things. This is a good read for any aspiring business people or just a good bedside book. I'm trying to inspire literacy.

And This Is Just a Mixtape

I have another guilty pleasure. Please don't judge me:

Normally I steer away from women's channels and women's reality shows. But, these girls are real. One of them stays fighting. She messed up some girl even though she was hobbling on a broken ankle. Come on. Get with it.

Wake Up Mr. West

Is it me or is NBA All-Star weekend never that exciting? All I'm saying is Usher did horrible. The game was boring. The dunk contest was boring. I feel like people only go to see celebrities. Oh and for the record, Nancy Lieberman stole the show:

I know, you're thinking that a middle aged white woman can't hoop. Sike, you're wrong. This woman probably crossed up everyone at the All-Star celebrity basketball game. She was dishing no look passes. I'm a fan.