Monday, May 10, 2010

Can It Be?

I've wanted something like this for when I have a home:
Two Dudes, One Pan
Finally, a cookbook that regular guys can enjoy. Two Dudes, One Pan contains recipes that any man can relate to in the sense that it doesn't have something strange like paprika seasoned tofu. The recipes are all very edible. In other words, there will be meat and lots of it. Stolen from


This film is under-appreciated:

No, it is not a Matrix knockoff. Between the Matrix: Reloaded and the Matrix: Revolution, The Animatrix offered the various Matrix experiences of various characters who were still in the Matrix or had taken the red pill. To be honest, the stories in this film are both compelling and so artistically done. It is truly beautiful. It fulfills all spectrums of the film community-the cinematographer, the story buff, and the action head. I might have to put this in the top 10 list of my favorite movies. Oh and yes I'm reviewing movies for a little bit. Get over it.

George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People

That was a classic line from Kanye. Anyways, what if you found out that George W. Bush wasn't that bad and that he wasn't as irresponsible as you might have thought? Before you kill me, watch this movie:

Even if politics bores you, this film takes a completely different angle when exploring George W. Bush. It explores his character and how behind the seemingly asinine decisions, there was a rational reason that we might not have known. I'm not a fan of many of Bush's policies. However I do respect him as a man and I found myself feeling endeared to him as I watched this film.