Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Who's your money on?

Can Someone Tell Me Why

Ice Cube, despite his horrible "Are We There Yet" movie series is making a sitcom of the same title. I don't care how beautiful Essence Atkins is or how funny and buff Terry Crews is. Frankly, Ice Cube is corny, and he is the only one I know that could ruin a show with all-star tv actors. He's still a thug though. Don't get me wrong. You know what is good, though?
TackleboxCover mini The Cool Kids   Tacklebox (Mixtape)
Yes, Tackle Box, the Cool Kids' newest mixtape, is out. From the first track, I must say it's their best mixtape. They get better with each mixtape. Get it so you can enjoy it.

Hey Hey Hey

This is so dope:
Marshmallow Mforcer
The Marshmallow MForcer is a semi-automatic marshmallow pistol. What?! I know, that's what I said. Get it. Stolen from Uncrate.com