Monday, September 6, 2010

My Style Is More a Slam Dunk

I'm mad that everyone out there is finally recognizing Wiz Khalifa. I've been a fan since age 14. Honestly, I'm not mad. I'm happy people are discovering good music. Here's his latest video. I love videos like this where people look like they are genuinely having fun.

It's Been a Week

Sorry blog world, I've been so late and neglectful with these blog posts. Football has been killing me. First of all, who saw "Takers"?

For one, I'm an increasing fan of Idris Elba. His versatility astounds me. When he acts in his native accent, I believe it lends itself to certain roles. Conversely, when he acts using an American accent, it lends itself to other roles. I really think he carried the movie. Michael Ealy can't seem to break that wall of a supporting actor. He did fine in the movie, but if he hadn't been in the movie, there wouldn't have been much lost. The verdict is still out on Chris Brown and T.I. They seem to get type-casted into the same role. The same can be said for Hayden Christiansen, although his acting chops are getting increasingly better. Overall, this movie was pretty good and it made my birthday less boring. August 29 by the way. No happy birthdays from any readers. Dang. Ok I'm done.