Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back to Basics

Sometimes I feel like the most ambitious person I know. How does one balance the line between ambition and obsession? Is there even a line? The true balance is balancing ambition and love. Can you be ambitious and love what you do, while at the same time be able to love another person? It seems impossible seeing as many divorces occur because a husband is obsessed with work. Would you rather dedicate yourself to one cause and have all the success and accolades or find true love? Forget picking one or the other. I'm going to pick both and do it well. Don't sell yourselves short. I want to do it all. It sounds unrealistic, but that's only dependent on how far I'm willing to go. That presents another philosophical question-do we stay with what we are comfortable with or go into the unknown to either lose it all or gain it all? I feel like the answer is that we play it so safe that we would rather be comfortable. However, I would rather pursue it all, that way I have no regrets. Regrets just manifest themselves in bitter feelings.

Can We Get Much Higher?

Time to go back to just saying some real things. Does anyone ever have those days where you just give in to your primal instincts? In other words, when you get mad, act mad or say exactly what you're thinking? I think discretion is a beautiful trait, but when you use so much discretion that your identity is hidden, you lose the point of even having free will. Just a thought. And this is just a quick thought.